Meet Coach Kay !

As a master innovator and manic creative, I am focused on unlocking your personal and professional brand potential! As a Serial Entrepreneur myself , I guide and assist others in their journey by taking that brain baby you have and growing it to full strength. let me help you connect the dots as we work together to build your visual roadmap!


My Special Sauces :


-(Re)brand design and strategy

-Curriculum Development

-Technology and STEM related support

-App Design Prototypes

-Confidence & Expression Public Speaking

-Digital Creative Media (Photography, Videography,  Social Media)

-Certified Mental Health Counseling

-Certified Digital Marketing Associate



Spelman College

BA Education Studies


Alfred University

Ms.ED School Counseling | adv cert mental health counseling


kennesaw state university

Adv Cert Software engineering


20+ Years

In education

Florida, Georgia, New York, Italy

7 + years

In Counseling and mental health services

Georgia, New York

10+ Years

Brand & Graphic Design

over 50 (re)brand Clients and counting 

15+ Years

 of Serial entrepreneurship 

+5 businesses and over 10 forms of passive income streams 

10+ Years

 of Non-Profit Leadership

Program development, leadership


Public Speaking
Tech innovation

Seriously...You need a coach

I know you think solopreneurship makes you look strong and independent, however, it's the quickest way to fail as a serial entrepreneur. how can you build a sustainable legacy alone? as a serial entrepreneur, I have learn the exact recipe to organization, building and leading a team and the secret to expanding your professional network ! with over 55 successful (re)brand clients to date, i am ready to unlock your brand's hidden potential! 


(re)brand legacy builder


a 9 month coaching program designed for serial entrepreneurs seeking a total (re)brand experience and lifestyle change. (All industries and fields welcome)


  1. 1 on 1 Weekly coaching Sessions

  2. Group Coaching Call

  3. Mindset Training​

  4. Confidence and Self Esteem Training

  5. Serial Entrepreneurship organization & Technology implementation

  6. Public Speaking Professional Development

  7. Full Service (re)brand Package

  8. Discounted access to all webinars & workshops 

  9. Access to Serial Entrepreneur resource hub

  10. Free membership to Business directory 

  11. (re)brand Strategy Guide

  12. Discounted App Development

  13. Discounted (re)brand a la carte services

Road to Superhost!


A 3 month group coaching program designed for Short Term Rental owners (Must Come Investment Ready)


  1. weekly 1v1 coaching calls

  2. monthly group coaching call

  3. Business plan and str model

  4. Automated Airbnb/STR Rental Website Systems*

  5. Marketing Assistance

  6. Corporate leasing/Rental Arbitration assistance 

  7. access to kksq vendor list and network 

(re)brand Smart Chats


Personalized 1v1 (re)brand coaching sessions to help construct your visual roadmap or connect the dots to an idea of yours! we will spend time researching, building, connecting and pointing you in the right direction to get started with your creative services, whether it be on your own or with our help !

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