Our Clients aren't afraid to stand out as

The Center



In Rebrand Land, becoming the Main Character of your story takes dedication. You came here because your ready to elevate your legacy and leave a stamp with your brand. We will guide every step of the way into a successful relaunch with purpose driven results.

The Rebrand Creative Agency is a full service digital branding and marketing agency focused on putting business owners at the center of their story. We are redefining "rebranding" by providing strategic research based and data driven designs curated uniquely for each client. Through the power of technology, education and social emotional techniques, we are the answer to a fresh start. Rebrand Land®, home of the Main Character. 

The service you’ll get from Kay and The Rebrand Creative Agency is the best. She provided knowledgeable and resourceful resources. Pleasant attitude. Clear communication skills, with strong time management. This company will get you to the next level with your business. Thank you again for your patience Kayla. You're awesome.

D.  Hodge

Main Character Client

Why We Stand Out in the Crowd

Research Based Rebranding

before you enter into another rebrand, it's important you have data driven research to set you apart and at the top of your market. We push all out Main Characters to stand out in their field by providing strategies and guidelines proven to place you in front of your peers.

Tech & Mental Stability at our Core 

We believe in the advancement and implementation of technology to elevate your business. In Rebrand Land, we understand the impact technology has on mental health, causing great ideas to be pushed to the side. Each of our main characters receive mindset training. technology support and systems to push them to the top of their field!

Complete Vision Delivery

You need a team that will stop at nothing to get you the results you deserve. From Event planning to program development and more, we go above and beyond to make sure that After Your Rebrand, you can reintroduce yourself to the world with more than just a front end design.

Meet The

Rebrand Strategist™

My Story, is Your Story

As a neurodivergent and black woman, my talents and confidence became a threat to others. I found that often at times, I was confined to a box, created for and by others for the comfort of themselves and the downfall of myself. I created The Rebrand Creative Agency aka Rebrand Land, as a space where I can let all of my talents shine cohesively while creating spaces for other women to shine as the MAIN character of their story. Unlocking the hidden potential in brands and cultivating leaders by living outside of the box with the power of technology and mental stability.  

This is the perfect home for you.

 Listen, I get it. You've probably rebranded plenty of times before, and spent tons of invested time, money and energy to still not get exactly what you want. You've probably settled and thrown your hands up and at the point of break down, trying to make the vision make sense. You've had people give you false promises with no results. You feel like you've been slowed down. Beauty, I've been there, trust me, you've come to the right place. The Rebrand team as a special niche for connecting the dots. We make it make sense, even if you struggle with verbal clarity.  

You Deserve to be here

Sis, I've been there.  Struggling to be seen, feeling defeated, the girl with big dreams and no process or organization. The little girl inside me begging to have at least one person who could truly see her and all she can do. Wanting, wishing praying all my talents could have a place in this world. I'm here to tell you, it can, and I'm going to show you how the little girl inside you has always been the star of the show. 

Qualified & Certified

As if you needed any more convincing, I hold a few accolades under my belt including:

  • Spelman College Alumna

  • Master Degrees in Counseling & Software engineering

  • Over 15 years in Program Development

  • Over 11 years in Education

  • Over 10 years in Brand Design

  • Over 9 years in Event Planning

Just to name a few. I've lived all over the world, encountered all kinds of people and built an expansive network of dynamic leaders everywhere. All of them, ready to see who comes next out of Rebrand Land and how they can be the next step in your journey. We are intentional with our main characters. You'll get our very best. 


Advanced Technology integrations 

In Rebrand Land, we pride ourselves on providing the most useful technology to our main characters lives to assist with growth, scaling and systematic organization while catering to human interaction and social emotional needs. We are equipped to provide the following services: