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Payment options

We offer exclusive pricing and payment plans to all our clients! Contract and deposit due at the start of all services. 

For the services listed below, all clients have the option to pay service balance in 3, 6, or 8 monthly installments.

*Ask about non profit pricing plans



Buy Now, Pay Later

Pay off your full service balance using our buy now, pay later options on all service projects.

Step 01:


After your signed proposal and nda, the rebrand app development team will strategize your app design with you. remember to be as detailed as possible, we will assist and connect any dots in you plan.

Step 02:

Analysis & Planning

After your strategy call, we will begin to construct a visual of your idea !  We will provide you with a timeline and determine any additional needs you may have for your app. 

Step 03:

Storyboard Designing

With an approved timeline from you, we will begin to design a sample storyboard for your app. the storyboard shows an exact layout of how users will see and interact with your app!  take a look at your storyboard and give us any feedback on your design to apply! 

Step 04:

App Development

(Milestone payment Due)

this is the exciting part, sending your storyboard to the development stage !  This part take the longest amount of time in the process, great development takes time! Don't worry, we will connect with you as soon as its completed!

Step 05:

Beta Testing

(Milestone payment Due)

Now it gets really fun, we get to test your app ! we will form a beta test group with your target audience to collect feedback and user responses. We will review the data together with you and apply this data to your app and make any needed adjustments to your design. 

Step 06:

Time to go Live!

(Milestone payment Due)

It's time to go live with your app!  we will post your app to both the apple and google play store and assist you with any supporting marketing materials for your app.  as an added bonus, we will provide you with 3 promo flyers  for your marketing needs !  

(Re)brand App Development Process

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