Kayla was amazing as usual! She’s been helping me build my brand from day one and never disappoints. She’s thorough and she knows exactly what she’s doing!

B. Selena

B.Selena Beauty Cosmetics LLC

The Rebrand Team helped me automate my Airbnb business, allowing me to spend more time growing my business and doing the things I love. Awesome business to work with!

Tyvvone Boykin

CEO, Vonbase Enterprises

The service you’ll get from Kay and The Rebrand Creative Agency is the best. She provided knowledgeable and resourceful resources. Pleasant attitude. Clear communication skills, with strong time management. This company will get you to the next level with your business. Thank you again for your patience Kayla. You're awesome.

Donica Hodge

Nicia Travels, Digital Marketing Agency

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Frequently Asked (re)brand Questions

How Do I know which(Re)Brand Service is for me?

this answer comes in multiple parts but if your considering (re)branding, you need to know the difference between Brand image vs Brand Identity. Depending on what your issue is , will determine your service!

Brand image: How your target audience perceives you. this includes your brand reputation, impression, belief and emotion. You should consider (re)brand Coaching!

Brand identity : how you want your target to view you. this is your brand logo, colors, mood , tone. You should consider a full service (re)brand package.

I dont see the service I need , what do I do now?

a major benefit of connecting with the Rebrand network is our ability to connect you to exactly who and what you need to get your project done. if you do not see the service you are looking for, but need assistance , reach out! our team of innovators will connect all the dots !

I'm nervous about (re)branding, what if people think I have no direction?

Many of the big brands you see everyday have gone through full or partial (re)brands for various reasons. by working with the (re)brand strategist™️ and The Rebrand Team, you will have a full picture to your (re)brand journey before you launch again. research, planning and quality are our key traits . after we are done, the next (re)brand you'll find yourself needing will be partial , only to update your brand identity and remain connected with the present generation!

What happens in a (re)brand brainstorming session?

Booking a brainstorming session allow US to connect and determine if our services are the best fit for you and your brand. we will spend time researching, building, connecting and pointing you in the right direction to get started with your creative services, whether it be on your own or with our help !


How long does the rebrand process take?

once we have received your signed contract and remaining deposit , our creative journey will begin! Your rebrand process depends on the amount of detail your rebrand may need! in rebrand land, you invest into a process that will be data driven and tailored specifically to you.  we do not rush perfection but we do provide a timeline of work with your rebrand proposal !

Why am I receiving contracts before I book a service?

In Rebrand Land, we pride ourselves on communication and honesty, we will openly communicate our progress and submit samples for feedback accordingly to your timeline before we close out your design project!

as we work together, your vision may change and that's OK ! we love your feedback, it helps us bring your creative dream to life !

a deposit and contract are both required before we can begin. 


The (Re)brand Strategist™

Rebrand Expert | Marketing | Web & App Development


Rebrand Image Consultant 


Rebrand Logos | Motion Graphics


Rebrand Photographer 








Your Story is our story

Here in (Re)brand Land, We work hard to make sure your rebrand gets the quality attention you deserve. You've earned this, a brand and story that highlights you as the main character. 


Rebrand brainstorm

To Start your rebrand process, we must first brainstorm your plan! When you book a consultation, you will be sent a Non Disclosure agreement(NDA) to protect your ideas and to allow for you to speak freely about your brain baby! We will take this time to analysis your current brand and determine the best rebrand service for your needs. 


Rebrand Proposal

Directly after your brainstorming session is over, we will send over a rebrand proposal that contains the scope of work, timeline and payment option breakdown. Review the proposal and get back to us with any questions you may have! 


Rebrand Contract 

Ready to get started? go ahead and sign your Contract! A deposit is required for all services, With your next payment due the following month. Pay close attention to your payment schedule, we allow all our main characters to select the date that works best for them! 


Rebrand questionnaire

Let's get started! After your contract and deposit is received, The rebrand team needs to collect a few more details from you to begin! fill out the questionnaire and be as detailed as possible so we can remain on task with your Rebrand timeLine! 


Rebrand Designing

Time to get to work ! The rebrand team starts immediately with your design as soon as we have all the details we need! We will schedule coaching and Check-in meetings during this time to Update you on our progress and gain feedback from you to make sure your rebrand comes out perfectly! 


Rebrand Approval

Before your rebrand is revealed publicly, we need your final approval first! Take a look at your design work, give us any feedback and prepare to be reintroduced to the world as the main character! 

The Rebrand Process™

 for your story, No rebrand is built the same. our data driven and research based designs and strategies are tailored uniquely to you. Here's what our time will look like together.

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